The Age of Heroes Returns?

Spoilers Ahead

(Left to Right) Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman And Cyborg standing together

In 2017 a group of friends and myself went to see Justice League in theaters, why not we said it should be fun….it wasn’t in fact we all pretty immediately began to regret our choice as that 2 hour movie felt like the a painful slog with occasional dots of something almost fun. Then rumblings began about “The Snyder Cut” the supposedly superior version of the movie thought up by director Zack Snyder who had to step away from the theater release due to unfortunate tragedy, and WB brought in Joss Whedon to finish the job and well much like Gearbox delivered a product the day they released Aliens: Colonial Marines, Joss gave us something that did technically fit the definition of a movie though someone forgot to make it fun to watch

In the lead up to its release I was skeptical of the whole thing everyone who had worked with Zack was supportive of him releasing his own cut and unfortunately Zack was also supported by some delightfully toxic assholes, but even beyond the often annoying fanbase was the question “Will Snyder’s vision really be good enough to justify the money HBO tossed his way?” Could his vision really be that spectacular? I wasn’t sure honestly, Man of Steel was a solid film not my favorite Superman film but it was a good watch and I got what Zack was going for. Batman V Superman had some good ideas but it didn’t execute them the best honestly.

But enough preamble history let’s talk Justice League eh? Zack Snyder met and then blew my every expectation out of the water, Very quickly into the movie I began to smile this was fun the action was exciting the dialogue that beautiful comic book style of goofy seriousness. Jason Mamoa taking the role of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is very clearly having the time of his fucking life he’s loving the role and he was one of the few bright spots in the original cut as well. Ezra Miller is Barry Allen aka The Flash there’s some expanded stuff with Barry’s multiple dead end jobs all to desperately fund his Criminal Justice degree hoping against the odds to prove his father didn’t kill his mother. He provides some good comedy as well as some unique and exciting speed sequences. Gal Gadot continues to nail playing Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and Zack does us the courtesy of not having any weird ass shots in his cut. She doesn’t have much of an arc but she still shows herself to be a badass hero and is a delight to watch. Ben Affleck continues to play an older more tired Bruce Wayne aka Batman and despite his bat voice being kinda silly sounding he does his part well and it’s a treat to see his gadgets and gizmos at work. Henry Cavill returns as the man of steel himself Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman, he does a solid job and has some damn good lines and scenes that tug at the heart when he reunites with Lois and Ma Kent or get your blood pumping when he pummels Steppenwolf. And last bit certainly not least Ray Fisher playing the part of Victor Stone aka Cyborg, having had basically his entire character put back into the movie in the Snyder Cut he’s a treat to see on screen and his struggle with his new body and his humanity is well done.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League takes you on a rip roaring adventure of action and excitement as our group of heroes has to come together and save the world from Steppenwolf an exiled minion of the cruel Darkseid seeking redemption by conquering worlds in his name. The Snyder Cut expands on and makes Steppenwolf feel like a real threat and not just “the guy they have to fight before Darkseid shows up” he looks a bit silly but looking a bit silly is the standard with comic heroes. When I was young I was in love with Batman and Superman the animated series, I adored Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Snyder’s vision isn’t a one to one to those classics obviously but I felt like I was seeing those heroes I loved on screen I felt like Snyder really truly loved these characters. Whedon’s version felt stale it felt like he was trying to just do “Avengers but DC” and it didn’t work, Snyder’s version is filled with heart with passion and I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through!

I hear what some of you are saying “4 hours Lilly? Isn’t that too much?” maybe, but honestly it didn’t feel like 4 hours I was having a blast the whole time it was just pure fun even Zack’s love of dramatic slow shots was a joy to look at the rapid switching between slow motion and normal speed when Wonder Woman saves a group of hostages is exciting! I was having so much fun throughout it awakened and fed my passion for superheroes and I really hope we see more of Ryan Choi aka The Atom and J’onn J’onzz. Snyder sets up a lot of future plot lines that I hope to see expanded in future films.

In summation Justice League is a fucking damn good time and frankly I just don’t care if people disagree you can have that opinion but nothing is going to stop me from enjoying what I love. Justice League is a story about heroes of all kinds standing together to save the world and I would wholeheartedly recommend it and will probably watch a second and third time at some point haha



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